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shia lebeouf is so nasty. he just looks like he smells sooo fucking bad. he looks like that type of guy with the dirty, fucked up yellow nails who talks about how much he wants to finger you. he looks like he wanks off in his grey jogging bottoms, stains it loads, and just wears those nasty cum stained trousers out for 3 days straight… like, he’d still have them on when he goes to sign on at the job center.

White dudes look wack AF from age 28-42 and then turn into #ZADDY like a fucking phoenix



which white dudes who know who digivolved like this? I need proofs. 80% fall off by 26 and start looking like the skin on heated milk by 30. very few make it to ian bohen, david beckham, and david gandy levels

No, no. Bohen, Beckham and Gandy all looked good from youth. I mean #ZADDY like gray haired, successful regional bank manager.

i feel like zaddy is fictional. i ain’t never seen one.

jude law and hugh grant don’t have black baby mothers - they should give me an opportunity and let me audition for the role. in fact, the least jesus christ in heaven could do is to give me a member of take that to have a secret baby for!

can’t believe jude law just got himself another baby mother.

lord jesus, when will one of the white actor dudes throw the dick my way and cum inside, so i can live LIFE?! huh? do i not pay tithe?????

femdom tumblrs are just a little too hardcore for me omg.
i like the ones with the money slaves and the shoes, butttttt these foot job gifs and the pegging gifs …. mate, i’m still undecided lmfao



A lot of people seem uncomfortable with calling Michaela (from HTGAWM) selfish and stuck up. But I think that’s what makes her great!

How often does a Black woman on TV get to be self-involved and terrible and spoiled in a way that’s not “sassy” or a…