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london doesn’t need a show like cockney shore or whatever we’ve got made in chelsea… sure it doesn’t represent all of us londoners but it’s funny. i think they’re was a time when there was gonna be a love and hip hop type show for london but the idea flopped even before casting lmao.

blipsterinsverige - looool no one ever wants to come to my part of zone 6 (the beheading happened in woolwich which is zone 4 tho) its probably the least connected outer zone. we only have overground and the nearest DLR is in woolwich, lewisham, or greenwich. going to central london is such an effort for me but i gotta see people so :(

how can the first people i recognise on campsus on the first day of uni be the steampunk couple who hang around in the library…? i’m not even in the library. what did i do to deserve this???

i feel like kate moss hangs with cara delevigne because she thinks cara the next supreme so she’s just tryna find a good moment to slit her throat and move on; but kate didn’t read her tea leaves correctly because jourdan dunn is the chosen one so…

boom clap i’m in me moms car the beat goes on get out get out me car





if you can’t handle me at my

then you don’t deserve me at my


this is so dumb omg

lifetime’s witches of east end is pretty interesting. i enjoyed season 1 and now season 2 is really going places. so far it’s lotsa attractive rich white people and bianca lawson but i’m so into it. the witchcraft/mysticism/norse mythology with a soap drama vibe is good.