Cordelia Chase in High School. One of Sunnydale’s most flawless human beings. // Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 01, Episode 10 - “Nightmare”.

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if u know we’re cool & you’re cute add me on snapchat, yah? - its “babytrill”

(no dick photos tho - im a christian)

is that a eyebrow slit…my chest laaarl

ofc. the best kinda whitebae has eyebrow slits.

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is kat stacks okay, like…????

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erm that white girl who tried to call out the social justice peeps has a story on her page about how “3 big black men” followed her around the supermarket when she was 14 and called her “snow ho” and they were “gonna tear her in half”

anyway moral of the story is that she isn’t racist because bad people come in all colours. its a titillating read.




So, I have noticed a lot of SJWs bitching about Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani, and Katy Perry for apparently appropriating the Japanese culture. So I was curious why no one was flipping shit over this, and I decided to scroll through the tag. I now know why. Avril, Gwen, and Katy have something in common. They are white. It is ok for Nicki here to “appropriate” a culture because she is PoC. Double standards on Tumblr are just so fucking beautiful. 

LOL…except they did call out Nikki and Rihanna.  You’re just mad that they didn’t ignore your white favorites.

How about you’re just mad that your white favorite didn’t get a pass? 

And don’t forget Vanessa Hudgens (part Filipino, Chinese, and Native American) and Selena Gomez (half-Mexican)….

But yeah, it’s ONLY WHITE WOMEN called out for cultural appropriation….

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charmed is so important to me. more important than buffy, i think.


This was the most important moment in America’s next top model

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Kelis forever #throwbackthursday 

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Their Mother Always Told Them They Were Special

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when yonce turns into partition


he with that fufu good shit

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please remember

no matter how good a white boy looks,

there’s 98.3% chance that he’s corny as hell and an absolute fuckboy.

You're an ex fat boy and got the nerve to be choosing on here lmao nigga you are a four but want a girl that's at least an 8



  1. You either forgot to click anon or some lame nigga made you his woman crush Wednesday and you feeling ya self. Either way, you got me fucked up.
  2. How is being an ex fat boy even an insult? “You the type to live healthier and lose weight ass nigga” You sound dumber than you look.
  3. Whenever somebody call me ugly, my first reaction is to see what they look like. Only, like most ugly people, no tagged/me all you have to go by is this Avi. This dusty ass blank South Pole ass baseball jersey and that tight ass TJ Maxx polo cap you goofy ass Lil Bill dressed ass bitch.
  4. I even looked in ya archive. Nothing but basic bitch posts that you reblogged from other basic bitches. Every post you’ve ever conceived has 0-10 notes, you can’t even manage 11. Now I know notes ain’t everything, but when you look at it as I have pictures, of me, as in my face, with more notes than everything on this site that you are responsible for, that’s crazy. I mean, those come directly from your brain, you telling me, you can’t muster up enough IQ to get more notes than the face of a ex fat nigga who is a 4 in the face? That tight ass clearance cap cutting off ya the blood to ya brain. 
  5. Wait I found a picture of, guess how many notes you got. Yep. Zero