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the nail salon in my town centre is cheaper than the one in woolwich market. they use OPI and gelish there and the nail girl i see now doesn’t attack my cuticles until they are almost bleeding.






i find it interesting how a lot of tumblr chooses to ignore the fact that benedict cumberbatch is an award winning, widely respected, and incredibly talented actor, simply because another part of tumblr worships him too much

he is also racist sexist classist and ugly

ugly is an understatement 


do you know that i know all the words to “burning up” by jonas brothers and i’m 1000% sure it will come in handy one day!

Artist: Jonas Brothers

Anonymous: You are now officially denied access to the Superwholock fandom. Have a nice life.


this is the best news I’ve heard this year

honeysloughs evilspice
wooooooooow i knew he was gross but i didn’t know he was like that. god. i’m gonna have to do sone heavy googling on him.