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sofia vergara is actually a babes. the least joe can do is upgrade himself!!! and stop wearing his staple v-neck shirt, bootcut/straight-leg jeans, and black military style boots. inject a little style into your life maybe some light denim, sir. loafers, perhaps? some jordans? timbs, even?

does he want to look like he works construction forever??? why not look like part-time builder who now buys homes, fixes them up, and makes tons of cash???

bedtime thoughts~ my fave kinda look on white boys is very dark brown to black hair w/ dark brown-black eyes, and medium/olive dark skin.

but tbh i think i like allll the looks… apart from the ones where boys are peak whiteness with the translucent i am legend vampire/zombie pale skin that burns on cloudy days even. im not ready for that. better for u to freckle pls.

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